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Your mobile surveillance trailer is only as good as the response it can create.

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Intelligent Mobile Security Systems for Smart, Proactive Protection

When it comes to protecting property, assets, and people, the security you use is only as good as the response it can generate in the event of an incident. Faulty equipment can compromise your efforts, while inaccurate or delayed information can hamper response times and reduce the likelihood of a positive outcome.

As a pioneer in mobile security, OK-SEE provides leading-edge mobile security trailers that go beyond basic surveillance. Backed by extensive industry experience, certifications, and licensing and committed to compliance, we promise dynamic and responsive top-notch solutions, swift delivery, and exceptional customer service for scalable and adaptable security options that can be deployed anywhere. We’re engineering units from scratch for unparalleled reliability while combining the best software, security, and service for remote monitoring that’s second-to-none.

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Our mobile security system doesn't just react, it detects and deters

At OK-SEE, we believe in proactive protection, which means we don’t just react to threats—we detect and deter them first, then promptly dispatch law enforcement support if necessary. OK-SEE mobile security and surveillance trailers are monitored by a 5 Diamond UL Central Monitoring Center and integrated with AI technology, so you can be more confident in your remote guarding thanks to:

Faster police response times
Fewer false alarm dispatches and fees
Reliable end-user verification
Complete and accurate formation
Rapid response and same-day delivery

Hardware Features

Unmatched Hardware Durability: Smart Design Meets Toughness

OK-SEE’s mobile security trailers stand out for their robust construction and state-of-the-art technological integration. Made to withstand extreme weather, they come equipped with solar panels, all-terrain tires, and a high-reach telescopic mast, ensuring broad and uninterrupted surveillance. Their user-friendly design promotes quick setup and dependable performance in any location, offering a hassle-free, robust security solution that operates seamlessly, independent of external power sources or internet connectivity.

Security & Surveillance
Setup & Deploy
Power & Energy
Rugged Design

Advanced Security Features for Comprehensive Surveillance

Unlike our competitors, OK-SEE doesn’t limit your operational and security capabilities. Instead, we help you eliminate your blind spots and take control of your surveillance efforts with upgraded features and a mobile app that gives you unlimited remote access to your cameras, for a turnkey security solution that makes your life easier, not harder.

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Rapid Setup and Deployment

When it comes to security, you don’t have time to mess around. OK-SEE’s smart mobile security trailers may be built to meet stringent quality standards and to withstand the toughest environmental conditions, but they’re also fast and easy to set up, operate, and maintain for reliable, full-spectrum surveillance capabilities within minutes.

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Power Autonomy and Sustainable Energy

OK-SEE’s smart mobile security trailers feature 3 380W solar panels and six deep cycle 460 AH capacity batteries for sustainable energy and uninterrupted run-time up to 72 hours even in cloudy conditions, with an optional backup fuel cell generator for added power and longer runtimes.

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Rugged Design for Any Environment

Wherever you need security and surveillance, OK-SEE’s smart mobile security trailers can deploy there, thanks to specialized tires for maximum mobility and seamless navigation across any surface; dual 20’ telescoping masts that provide 360-degree visibility from elevated vantage points and can withstand up to 70 mph winds; and adjustable outriggers for ultimate stability in adverse weather and rough terrain.

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Software Features

Cutting-edge Intelligent Security: Proactive and Automated

Leveraging AI technology, OK-SEE’s trailers offer a proactive approach to security. With 24/7 monitoring by a certified center, the system minimizes false alarms and enhances threat detection accuracy, ensuring faster and more effective police responses. AI cameras and smart alarms provide dynamic surveillance capabilities, while remote control through a mobile app allows for on-the-go management. This sophisticated software ensures a responsive, adaptable security environment, prioritizing preemptive measures for all-round safety and peace of mind.

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Industries We Serve

Industries that trust us to monitor their property.

Amid diverse and ever-evolving security challenges, your valuable and hard-earned assets deserve to be protected. By investing in top-quality security measures like remote monitoring and mobile security from OK-SEE, you can drastically reduce both the impact and the probability of theft, vandalism, and other property damage.








Law Enforcement

An aerial view of a neighborhood construction site

Work and Construction Sites

With mobile security units from OK-SEE, you can protect the millions of dollars of equipment and supplies positioned at your job site with confidence. Monitor deliveries and workers, record evidence, and deter loitering, trespassers, vandals, and criminals while decreasing potential liability and increasing safety. What’s more, you’ll be able to manage your jobsite remotely and provide time lapse video of your project to be shared with owners, investors, or interested buyers.

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Go beyond simple security to efficient and effortless event management with mobile security trailers from OK-SEE. Our trailers are ideal for any venue, take just minutes to set up and take down, and provide you with live surveillance of the entire event.

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From power plants and drilling sites to wind and solar farms, OK-SEE’s mobile security and surveillance trailers can help protect even large, remote equipment and property by deterring thieves, vandals, or other unwanted visitors; improving operations control; and allowing you to manage your site remotely. You can keep track of who’s on the property and monitor current conditions as well as validate contractor bills and ensure the site remains safe for workers.

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Law Enforcement

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations by augmenting your unit with OK-SEE’s mobile security trailers. Whether you need it for covert surveillance or overt crime deterrence, our trailers can rapidly deploy almost anywhere and provide all the information and visibility you need to deter crime, protect civilians and property, increase officer safety, and record evidence.

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