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Mobile Security Cameras for Construction Sites

Jobsite vandalism and theft is a $1 billion problem that has worsened exponentially in the wake of pandemic-era supply chain issues and inflated prices. Less than a quarter of stolen property, equipment, or materials is ever recovered, but the costs of construction and jobsite theft go beyond replacing inventory into a domino effect that can interrupt operations, damage your reputation, and impact your bottom line.

With smart mobile security trailers and technology from OK-SEE—one of Oklahoma’s top-rated security experts—you can have real-time continuous monitoring of people, projects, assets, and environments without being tied down to a monitoring center or inundated with generic, trivial alerts and false alarms. Our rugged, high-quality trailers are perfect for any construction or jobsite, integrating top-tier video monitoring hardware with the power of advanced AI analytics for surveillance and security that’s second-to-none.

OK-SEE's Smart Mobile Security Trailers are Ideal for...

With smart mobile security trailers from OK-SEE, you can do more than just protect your property; you can actually detect and deter malicious behavior with proactive solutions tailored to fit your unique needs.

Equipment Yards
Car, RV, and Equipment Dealerships
Churched and other places of worship
Storage Yards and Warehouses
Agriculture Sites
Utility Infrastructures (substations, cell towers
Well sites
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Integrating AI for Smart Security Solutions

Video security systems in the past have typically relied on methods like CCTV, which focus on the “inside” of construction or jobsite’s perimeter and serve only as passive observers, producing video that can only be reviewed after the fact and must be painstakingly sifted through to identify activity. Surveillance parameters are often fixed to include low-priority areas and don’t discriminate among objects entering the field, prompting endless alarms for nothing that can quickly become a nuisance. Moreover, beyond just their presence, they are incapable of proactively preventing or deterring disruptive activity.

OK-SEE’s mobile security trailers—equipped with Camect and CHeKT for smart, unparalleled video and alarm monitoring capabilities—provides limitless options for customizing the way you secure your construction or jobsite. With remote accessibility, you can pull live or stored video feed from multiple trailers, multiple sites, and multiple cameras and analyze it for more than 30 distinct objects. You can also manipulate camera angles, views, and coverage areas to block out dead space for precise, extended surveillance of critical access points.

OK-SEE: Using the Power of AI to Improve Results

With highly accurate AI detection and real-time video alarm monitoring, OK-SEE’s mobile security trailers elevate your surveillance from passive to preventative while helping your business operations run more smoothly.

Proactive Protection

Advanced analytics identify a variety of threats, including smoke and fire, before sending instant alerts to our central monitoring system, where security professionals take over for the AI. Intruders can be detected before they ever enter the property, triggering actions like motion-activated strobe lights and talk-down speakers as your response plan—which could be security guards, local police, or customer representatives—goes into effect.

With OK-SEE’s monitoring team, we also take proactive measures to make sure your mobile security trailers experience maximum uptime, with daily virtual “pulse checks,” automated video recaps, and event reports to keep you abreast of what’s happening and guarantee uninterrupted operation.

Project Management

OK-SEE’s advanced mobile security trailers can also serve as automated project managers, giving you another set of eyes on your jobsite or construction site when you can’t be there in person. When you log in remotely to your customized dashboard, you gain access to livestream video feed and historical footage from all of your cameras, as well as the ability to pan, tilt, or zoom your view for 360 degrees of insights that can help you supervise your jobsite and improve the efficiency of your operational workflows.

With OK-SEE’s mobile security trailers, you can:

  • Identify environmental exposures, spills, or equipment failures
  • Observe PPE compliance
  • Verify and coordinate deliveries
  • Produce heat mapping of activities
  • Record timelapse videos
  • Prevent illegal activities
  • Improve jobsite safety and security
  • Monitor after-hours activities

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