Enhancing Operations with Smart Mobile Security Solutions


Smart mobile security trailers from OK-SEE provide more than unparalleled surveillance capabilities; they provide an array of benefits, ranging from scalable security operations and proactive protection to cost savings and productivity optimization. Whether you need a single trailer for short-term requirements or several for a long-term solution, OK-SEE’s smart mobile security trailers deliver precisely the command, control, and visibility you need when and where you need it.

With OK-SEE’s smart mobile security trailers, you can go beyond basic security measures without compromising on quality or reliability, maintaining peak situational awareness even if you don’t have people on ground.

Portable Security Trailers

Our rugged, durable, and easy-to-maneuver design makes OK-SEE’s smart mobile security trailers perfect for any environment in all weather conditions. Made with high-quality corrosion, rust, and UV-resistant materials and built from scratch right here in the USA, OK-SEE’s trailers feature adjustable outriggers for improved stability even on uneven terrain, dual 20’ telescoping masts that can withstand up to 70 mph winds, and foldable draw bars to optimize space utilization without compromising function. Solar panels, deep cycle high-capacity batteries, and an optional backup fuel cell generator eliminate the need for external power sources, while a secure, tamper-resistant, and fully integrated self-contained control panel provides 4G LTE connection and remote accessibility for the ultimate turn-key solution anywhere and everywhere you need it, even if you can’t be on site.

Cost-effective Security Solution

By reducing labor costs and preventing property damage and theft, OK-SEE’s smart mobile security trailers don’t just help save your business money; they help you make the most of the money you’ve allocated to security expenses. Instead of hiring and training a large team of personnel to monitor your assets and respond to threats, you can achieve larger coverage area with minimal manpower and get reliable, consistent 24/7 monitoring at roughly 60% of the cost of an armed security guard, allowing you to reallocate resources more effectively, operate more efficiently, and focus on your core business functions. Our competitive fixed monthly rates are a fraction of our competitors’ and we never charge extra for holidays or early closings.

Mobile security trailers also signal to your property insurer that you’re taking all possible, necessary, and proactive precautions to minimize loss and damage, which could result in lower premium rates on your policy.

Deploying OK-SEE’s smart mobile trailers can help reduce, mitigate, or avoid costs associated with:

Equipment, supplies, or material theft
Equipment failure
Vandalism, tampering, or sabotage
Damage to equipment, buildings, or structures
Workplace injuries
Loitering or squatting
Environmental exposures, spills or incidents
Supply chain interruptions

Flexible and Scalable

Your security needs are ever-changing, and you need a solution that can adapt quickly to dynamic situations. Not only is it easy to relocate an OK-SEE smart mobile security trailer, but they’re just as easy to set up. Avoid expensive, time-intensive, and complicated system installations with the convenience of a rapid deployment design that delivers robust security and surveillance capabilities within minutes, without the need for cables or power sources. Expand or reduce your perimeter and presence on demand and adjust your response protocols to match what’s happening on ground with real-time response and same-day delivery. You can also choose from different camera types, mounting options, and accessories to create your own configuration and integrate your mobile surveillance trailers with other security systems, such as alarms, sensors, and access control, to create a comprehensive and cohesive network.

OK-SEE’s mobile security trailers allow you to:

  • Monitor multiple areas, scenarios, and activities at once
  • Respond immediately to situations
  • Exercise better area control
  • Improve overall security
  • Enhance customer or patron experience
  • Prevent large attacks and protect high-profile individuals
  • Extend your security perimeter and protect exterior assets


Amid diverse and ever-evolving security and operational challenges, people, property, and assets deserve to be protected. Not only do OK-SEE’s smart mobile security trailers provide the exceptional surveillance capabilities you need to drastically reduce both the impact and the probability of theft, vandalism, and other property damage in a variety of environments—including remote, isolated, off-grid, or sprawling locations—but they also expand your management capabilities to maximize performance, optimize productivity, improve safety, and control outcomes. Observe safety compliance, verify and coordinate deliveries, and even improve jobsite compliance, all from a customized single log-in dashboard.

OK-SEE’s mobile security trailers are perfect for:

  • Work and construction sites, like equipment yards, agricultural sites, and build sites.
  • Events and entertainment venues, such as sporting events, music festivals and concerts, and churches or other places of worship
  • Utilities and infrastructure, including logistics hubs, power plants, electrical substations, solar farms, oil and gas sites, and remote industrial sites
  • Commercial properties, including warehouses, car dealerships, and storage or manufacturing facilities
  • University campuses
  • Malls and retail spaces
  • Public safety, such as school zones, neighborhoods, transportation hubs, parking lots, and evacuation routes


OK-SEE’s smart mobile security trailers ELEVATE YOUR OPERATIONS Enhance your capabilities with advanced features like thermal imaging, infrared, analytics, and facial or license plate recognition, and leverage cloud-based monitoring to view or easily search live or recorded footage, adjust camera angles and zoom, activate lights and sirens, and receive alerts and notifications for instant access from anywhere using any web-enabled device.

Unlike our competitors, OK-SEE doesn’t limit your operational and security capabilities with high variable costs, limited PTZ cameras, or blind spots. Instead, we offer unlimited camera access with unlimited cellular data plans, 360-degree coverage, and a mobile app that allows you to control trailer functions, including arming and disarming, smart scheduling, viewing recorded video, and self-monitoring with two-way talkdown, so you can make your trailer work for you instead of against you.