OK-SEE's mobile security trailers sit in a row on the factory floor.

Hardware Features

Explore the Advanced Hardware of OK-SEE's Security Trailers

OK-SEE smart mobile security trailers are designed and assembled right here in the USA, engineered for unmatched protection in any environment. We build our units from scratch for exceptional reliability and uncompromised quality while combining the latest in advanced software, security, and service for adaptable, dynamic remote monitoring that’s second-to-none.

Equipment Yards
Car, RV, and Equipment Dealerships
Churches and other places of worship
Storage Yards and Warehouses
Agriculture Sites
Utility Infrastructures (substations, cell towers, etc)
Well sites

Power Autonomy and Sustainable Energy

OK-SEE’s smart mobile security trailers feature 3 380W solar panels and six deep cycle 460 AH capacity batteries for sustainable energy and uninterrupted run-time up to 72 hours even in cloudy conditions, with an optional backup fuel cell generator for added power and longer runtimes. An advanced battery monitoring system keeps track of power levels 24/7, ensuring constant power supply and alerting you to potential power shortages before they occur, while a secure on-board control box houses a full self-contained control panel that includes: Cellular router, Smart Hub, UPS, Mast remote, POE.

Rapid Setup and Deployment

When it comes to security, you don’t have time to mess around. OK-SEE’s smart mobile security trailers may be built to meet stringent quality standards and to withstand the toughest environmental conditions, but they’re also fast and easy to set up, operate, and maintain for reliable, full-spectrum surveillance capabilities within minutes. We also guarantee 24-hour rapid response and same-day delivery for critical needs, ensuring minimal downtime and optimized operations no matter where you are.

Rugged Design for Any Environment

Wherever you need security and surveillance, OK-SEE’s smart mobile security trailers can deploy there, thanks to specialized tires for maximum mobility and seamless navigation across any surface; dual 20’ telescoping masts that provide 360-degree visibility from elevated vantage points and can withstand up to 70 mph winds; and adjustable outriggers for ultimate stability in adverse weather and rough terrain. Foldable draw bars help optimize space utilization without compromising function.

Advanced Security Features for Comprehensive Surveillance

Unlike our competitors, OK-SEE doesn’t limit your operational and security capabilities. Instead, we help you eliminate your blind spots and take control of your surveillance efforts with upgraded features and a mobile app that gives you unlimited remote access to your cameras, for a turnkey security solution that makes your life easier, not harder.

OK-SEE Mobile Security and Surveillance Trailers: Powerful Proactive Protection that Goes Anywhere

Our versatile trailers can go anywhere you need eyes on. Not only are they 87% cheaper than armed guard services, but they’re also more effective and more precise and they’re always on duty. You can have full 360-degree visibility of multiple areas at once, and with our integrated smart AI technology, you can identify dozens of specific objects with 99% accuracy, detect and deter with automatic response plans, and concentrate additional surveillance on your most high-risk areas.

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