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Mobile Security Trailers for Events

“The key to effective event security in today’s environment is the ability to react quickly and adapt appropriately. From large-scale conferences to intimate gatherings, every event requires tailored approaches that facilitate an enjoyable experience for patrons while providing peace of mind, preventative actions, and proactive protection. With mobile AI-integrated video surveillance solutions, you can empower your team with real-time information sharing, emergency alerts, and instant communication that help you deliver more agile and responsive security operations for better events.

OK-SEE is one of Oklahoma’s top security companies, leading the way in smart mobile security strategies that help improve the safety and surveillance of your events. Our mobile security trailers are integrated with leading AI technology and state-of-the-art video hardware for precise, real-time continuous monitoring of dynamic environments like events. Fast and simple to deploy and take down, our trailers provide you with the live surveillance and easily searchable footage you need to take your next event to the next level in security and efficiency.”

OK-SEE’s smart mobile security trailers are ideal for events like:

With smart mobile security trailers from OK-SEE, you can do more than simply secure your events; you can detect and deter problematic behavior before it becomes an interruption with proactive solutions tailored to fit your unique needs.

Sporting events
Music festivals
Corporate conferences
Large celebrations
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Adapt to Event Security Challenges with AI

In addition to rugged, rapid-deployment capabilities, OK-SEE’s mobile security trailers are equipped with industry-leading smart cameras and advanced AI analytics for smart, unparalleled video and alarm monitoring capabilities that provide limitless operations for refining your coverage needs and areas. With a single log-in to our convenient dashboard for web and mobile apps, you can pull live or stored video feed from multiple trailers, multiple sites, and multiple cameras from wherever you are and analyze it for more than 30 distinct objects or events. You can also manipulate camera angles, views, and coverage to block out distractions for precise surveillance of critical areas.

OK-SEE’s mobile security trailers give you the flexibility to see exactly what you need to see when you need to see it. With 20’ telescopic double masts, 4 pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) AI cameras with night vision, and LED flood and strobe lights, you’ll have comprehensive 24/7 coverage of your event in any weather conditions, day or night. Remote accessibility and smart, real-time alerts with parameters you define allow you to respond quickly and efficiently to credible threats with lights, automated talk-down, and instant notification to first responders.

OK-SEE: Integrating AI to Improve Event Experiences

With OK-SEE’s smart mobile security trailers, your event security operations can move from reactive to proactive through enhanced situational awareness. Before the event ever begins, you can identify all your highest areas of risk, whether it’s high-traffic areas and access points or specific behaviors and locations, improving the accuracy of alarm response, the effectiveness of your protection, and the response of law enforcement.

By combining the AI power of a professional monitoring platform with smart video cameras, OK-SEE’s mobile security trailers give you the information you want when you need it without the hassle of false alarms or disruptive details. Not only will you be able to detect and deter potentially damaging situations, but you’ll also gain immediate access to see exactly what triggered the alarm.

With OK-SEE’s mobile security trailers at your events, you can:

  • Detect, deter, and prevent crime, vandalism, and theft
  • Improve productivity
  • Gather evidence
  • Improve overall security
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Monitor multiple areas, scenarios, and activities at once
  • Protect high-profile guests
  • Respond to emergencies
  • Prevent large attacks
  • Exercise better crowd control

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