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Software Features

OK-SEE Mobile Security Trailers: Precision AI Surveillance Solutions

OK-SEE smart mobile security trailers feature an integrated advanced AI detection system. By combining powerful AI software, OK-SEE can provide precise detection with real-time visual alarm monitoring for affordable, adaptable, and accurate analytics in even the most remote or dynamic environments.

With advanced AI analytics and visual security, you can:

Receive live and alarm video within 3 seconds of activation
Reduce false alarms
Proactively deter crime
Extend your security perimeter and protect exterior assets
Reduce the risk of vandalism and intrusion
Improve situational awareness
Specify when and where remote visual alarm monitoring is needed and how agents should be alerted and/or engaged
Reduce costs of 24/7 video monitoring
Improve response time and accuracy

Visual Alarm Detection and Enhanced Alarm Monitoring

Successful security and surveillance operations require accuracy, flexibility, and speed. With 24/7 video monitoring, OK-SEE’s smart mobile security trailers can deliver live visual situational awareness from multiple locations. The system combines the principles of alarm monitoring with on-site cameras and the power of intelligent video AI to create visual security services that are second-to-none. Monitoring agents have instant access to pre- and post-alarm video to see what triggered an alarm as well as to live video of other activity around the property, allowing them to view critical details, make the most informed decision possible, and provide you with an immediate, accurate assessment.

24/7 Deterrence, Prevention, and Protection

The visual alarm monitoring platform is event and trigger-based, with monitoring agents only engaged when an alarm is triggered by highly accurate detection of an event or critical condition that you have specified. The system leverages its high accuracy rate of on-site detection zones, alarm systems, and video analytics to alert video command center agents, who have the real-time access and expanded visibility they need to accurately assess the threat level of each incident before taking action. This enables agents to dispatch response procedures quickly, effectively, and accurately, and to see and react to a threat before the crime occurs.

Image of the head of the OK-SEE's mobile security trailer with multiple cameras, a loud speaker, and more.

Command and Control

The Video Alarm Control Panel on every OK-SEE trailer puts you and your monitoring center in control, leveraging detection from advanced analytics to design detection that meets your unique needs. Simple installation of a single “camera and sensor” device offers unparalleled object classification, as well as the ability to designate detection zones within a broader coverage area. You can upgrade your video surveillance system into a comprehensive and proactive security system with encrypted notifications and alarm transmission sent instantly to the mobile app. A video command center and remote monitoring fill the gaps of traditional methods, transitioning from passive operations to active interaction and back within seconds.

OK-SEE Mobile Security and Surveillance Trailers: Advanced AI Analytics for Enhanced Security

OK-SEE’s smart and versatile trailers can go anywhere and everywhere you need eyes on. They’re more precise, reliable, and cost-effective than armed guard services, and they’re always on, providing you with full 360-degree visibility of multiple areas in any conditions. Thanks to advanced AI technology, you can identify dozens of specific objects with high accuracy, detect and deter with automatic response plans, and focus additional surveillance on your most high-risk areas.

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