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Mobile Security Trailers for Infrastructure and Utilities

For the last decade, critical infrastructure and utilities have been at increasing risk for malicious activity including attack, theft, and vandalism. According to the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, physical attacks on the country’s electrical grid alone rose by 71% from 2021 to 2022, a number that has only continued to grow. While the monetary cost of these incidents is substantial in and of itself—some experts estimate that the cost of equipment theft from oil and gas sites in the US exceeds $1 billion—the cost of operational disruption can be downright disastrous, affecting thousands of people at a time.

Smart mobile security trailers and technology from OK-SEE—a top-rated security expert based in Oklahoma—can provide your organization or company with the real-time continuous monitoring, detection, and deterrence necessary to operate with confidence. Our rugged, high-quality trailers are ideal for remote locations where security efforts must be able to identify and address multiple threats. By combining advanced AI analytics with state-of-the-art monitoring hardware, OK-SEE delivers a turnkey solution to securing your infrastructure and utilities.

Comprehensive Security Solutions for Diverse Industries with OK-SEE Trailers

OK-SEE’s smart mobile security trailers are perfect for:

Energy Production and Storage
Utilities and Infrastructure
Oil and Gas Industry
Transportation and Communication
Security Sensitive Sites
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Integrating AI for Smarter Security and Surveillance

Protecting critical infrastructure and utility properties can be a challenge. Their locations may be remote, isolated, or off-grid, or they may have assets spread across vast, complex sites, making them prime targets for wire, parts, and supply theft, as well as other forms of damage and vandalism.

Traditional surveillance methods such as CCTV or human security teams are generally limited to the interior of a property’s perimeter and are insufficient at both deterrence and rapid response. To maintain operational continuity in an environment where every threat is urgent, protection of infrastructure and utilities demands intelligent, robust, and proactive measures capable of complex detection and instant intervention.

In addition to construction designed to withstand the toughest weather and on-board solar panels and battery bank for continuous, sustainable power, OK-SEE’s mobile security trailers combine industry-leading PTZ AI cameras with advanced analytic capabilities for live high-quality video footage, enhanced detection, and remote accessibility 24/7. You customize what you want to identify—choosing from dozens of specific objects—as well as how and when you receive your alerts or notifications, and our US-based technical support team provides seamless monitoring, event-based alarm activation and law enforcement dispatches, and ongoing reporting and equipment diagnostics for uninterrupted operations.

Harness the Power of AI to Proactively Protect Your Infrastructure and Utilities

OK-SEE’s mobile security trailers elevate your site surveillance and security from passive to preventative and proactive, integrating highly accurate AI detection with real-time video alarm monitoring services. Versatile and technologically advanced, our intelligent trailers make it even easier and more cost-effective for you to deter illicit behavior while optimizing productivity.

The advanced analytics of OK-SEE’s trailers can identify a variety of threats, including smoke and fire, and send instant alerts to our central monitoring systems, where security professionals continue with your designated response protocols. Intruders can be detected and deterred before they ever enter the premises with motion-activated strobe lights, talk-down speakers, and law enforcement engagement, and you’ll receive daily automated video recaps and event reports that keep you abreast of any unusual activity.

Proactive AI-Driven Security Solutions

Harness the power of AI with OK-SEE’s mobile security trailers, designed to transform your site surveillance from passive to proactive. Our trailers integrate highly accurate AI detection with real-time video alarm monitoring services, making your security measures both preventative and advanced. These versatile and technologically sophisticated trailers are cost-effective solutions for deterring illicit behavior and enhancing productivity. Features like motion-activated strobe lights, talk-down speakers, and law enforcement engagement ensure that intruders are detected and deterred before they even set foot on your premises.

Advanced Analytics and Responsive Alerts

The advanced analytics capabilities of OK-SEE’s trailers are essential for identifying a variety of threats, including smoke and fire, and for sending instant alerts to our central monitoring systems. Once an alert is received, our trained security professionals follow your designated response protocols to handle the situation effectively. The proactive approach is supported by daily automated video recaps and detailed event reports that keep you informed of any unusual activities, ensuring you are always aware of the security status at your site.

With OK-SEE’s mobile security trailers, you can:

  • Identify environmental exposures, spills, or equipment failures
  • Observe PPE compliance
  • Verify and coordinate deliveries
  • Produce heat mapping of activities
  • Record timelapse videos
  • Prevent illegal activities
  • Improve jobsite safety and security
  • Monitor after-hours activities

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